Personal Training Coordinator

Personal Trainer
Since 2006

Health Coach

Zac Marshall

M.A., Kinesiology with an emphasis in Biomechanics — (San Diego State University)
Exercise Physiologist at AMITA Health Weight Loss Solutions (2014 to present)

Fitness Nutrition Specialist — National Academy of Sports Medicine

Personal Story
My passion for helping others stems from my personal journey with battling various health problems for many years. Some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced include chronic pain, low energy, poor eating habits, weight gain, blood sugar issues, and allergies. My personal experience drives me to help others.

I believe each person needs to find what works for them in regards to living a healthier lifestyle and achieving their goals. I enjoy meeting people where they are at and helping them develop strategies that can be realistically implemented into their lifestyle. I have an extensive background in movement science and corrective exercise and thus place a large focus on improving the quality of my client’s movement and helping them avoid injury in their workouts. I enjoy designing exercise programs that give my clients a good workout without damaging their body and health.

Preferred Area of Concentration
I specialize in working with people with orthopedic challenges (post-surgery, joint pain, etc.) and people interested in weight loss.

  • improved eating habits

  • improved energy

  • an increased understanding of nutrition and health

  • increasing physical activity

  • developing a healthier lifestyle