Personal Trainer
Since 2002

Jesse Rodriquez

Certified Personal Trainer – National Strength and Conditioning Association
Certified Trainer Level 1 – MoveNat
Certified Level 1 – Functional Movement Systems
MyoFascial Release Techniques Level 1 – Triggerpoint

Personal Story
From age 6 through college I struggled with my weight, was teased for being fat, and disliked how I looked. I was always active, athletic and enjoyed playing sports, but something else was in control when it came to food. With the help of some very smart and dedicated trainers I began to turn my life around and made it a priority to start making better decisions.

My philosophy is derived from all that I have learned about training, the body, the mind, and the ever changing world we live in; and how all of these factors contribute to the overall wellness of the individual. I adapt my philosophy to the needs of each individual that I train. Having dealt with lower back pain, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, and internal/psychological pain, I have learned to help others with similar issues. The most important aspects of my training pertain to transformational learning as well as helping each client feel fulfilled and enlivened after each workout.

Preferred Area of Concentration

  • Functional training

  • Post-rehab

  • Senior Fitness

  • People starting or re-starting workouts

  • Olympic lifting

  • Power lifting